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Hi! I'm Erica, a UX and product designer in Seattle. I'm also a recent graduate of University of Washington's MHCI+D


I design thoughtful experiences by uncovering people's needs, clarifying ambiguity, and deeply considering strategy and ethics. As a former developer and marketer, I’m able to empathize and communicate with engineering and business. 

When I'm not designing, you can find me outside. I really enjoy kayaking and fishing. 

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Where I Started

I began my odyssey in north Georgia, where I grew up in the boonies surrounded by haystacks and books. I was most interested in a good story and a good long walk in the woods. 

Eventually I discovered art and graphic design in Savannah, and later became interested in journalism because I could talk to people about their walk through this world and create change through words.

My path then led me towards marketing, where I had the joy of both designing & writing about people's experiences. 

High school art project

High school art project

Art school project 

Art school project 

Discovering UX

One Valentine's Day, I got a phone call about a web design job at a federal facility in Brunswick, Georgia. I said yes and found myself in the boonies once more. There I learned to love tech and taught myself Drupal, Git, CSS, and more. 

At the start of our projects, I knew I needed to talk to the people who would someday use what I would build. I learned about the field of UX and advocated to make user research part of our process. This helped us succeed on time and budget, which meant saving U.S. taxpayers money.


The Big Pivot

In 2016, I decided to leave Drupal behind and pursue UX as a career. After a 3400 mile road trip across the country with my best friend, I landed in Seattle. I'm now a proud alum of the University of Washington's Master of HCI + Design program. 

At Badlands National Park with my best friend

At Badlands National Park with my best friend

Graduation from UW's MHCI+D

Graduation from UW's MHCI+D

Where I am today

I'm pumped to continue solving wicked hard problems!

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