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Hi there :)

I'm a multifaceted UX designer with 5 years experience in design, marketing, and web development. I'm adept at balancing multiple stakeholder needs while simultaneously augmenting the experience of people who use the products and services I design. I believe the world is in need of designers who can deftly weave strategy, ethics, emotion, and beauty into the fabric of technology. 

Design Dreams

  • Projects for social impact 
  • Projects that meld new technology and accessibility
  • Traveling to another country for design

Stuff that's Fun

  • Fishing & kayaking
  • Road trips
  • Reading dystopian novels

Where I started

I began my odyssey in north Georgia, where I grew up in the boonies surrounded by haystacks and books. I was most interested in a good story and a good long walk in the woods. 

Eventually I discovered art and graphic design in Savannah, and later became interested in journalism because I could talk to people about their walk through this world and create change through words. My path then led me towards marketing, where I had the joy of both designing & writing about people's experiences. 

High school art project

High school art project

Art school project 

Art school project 

How I discovered UX

One Valentine's Day, I got a phone call from an IT recruiter looking for someone with my unique background. She had a web design job at a federal facility in Brunswick, Georgia. I said yes and found myself in the boonies once more. There I learned to love tech and taught myself Drupal, Git, CSS, and more. 

But before I could lay a single pixel down for a design, I instinctively knew I needed to talk to the people who would someday use what I would build. Their stories mattered. I advocated to make UX part of our team's design process. This helped us succeed on time and budget, which meant saving U.S. taxpayers money.

The big pivot

In 2016, I decided to leave Drupal behind and pursue UX as a career. After a 3400 mile road trip across the country with my best friend, I landed in Seattle to pursue a Master's in HCI + Design from the University of Washington. Here, I focused on expanding my UX design and research skills.

Where I am today

I'm looking to start my next adventure as a UX Designer in Seattle, WA.

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