I’m a UX designer who designs and persistently advocates for data-informed solutions. My holistic understanding of the UX design process weaves together research, strategy, development, and business goals.

I’m skilled at leading cross-discipline whiteboard sessions, wireframing, making user flows, interactive prototyping, and creating high-fidelity mockups. I get excited about designing complex interaction problems involving trust and motivation, and I’m passionate about how inclusive design can promote innovation in emergent technologies.

I’m currently looking for my next UX opportunity. In my next role, I am looking to join a mature design culture in a mid- to large-size company where personas are the norm, iteration on solutions is expected, and continual learning is fostered through mentorship and conferences.

After working for 5 years in marketing and web development, I went to University of Washington's Master of Human Computer Interaction + Design program. There, I transformed into a UX designer.

Whenever I'm not designing, you can find me fishing, reading books on creativity and strategy, playing with my rescue pets, or watching scary movies with my main squeeze.